[LRUG] Outsourced Support Providers

Sam Phillips sam at samsworldofno.com
Wed Oct 9 07:33:34 PDT 2013

Hey all,

We're looking at ways to improve our technical support offering for
those hours that are not sociable for the UK engineering team,
especially as we expand further into the US. The kind of support will
be first line queries that will require little more than a service
restart or some basic debugging. This will be a precursor to
in-housing it, I'm sure.

In previous lives, I've used a couple of companies in the UK to
provide this sort of service - but they too will struggle with
providing support for pacific time in particular.

Has anybody got a recommendation for a company we could potentially
partner up with, either in the US or elsewhere and able to work to US
timezones? Or any success stories on other ways to achieve the same

Also useful would be guidance on what these kinds of companies call
this kind of service - I'm running out of Google!



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