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Monica Campos mvsilva26 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 09:04:40 PDT 2013

Hi all,

We are looking for two junior developers to join our team at Stratajet. We
work on interesting problems, we like to think we’re fun to work with and
we’re located just around the corner from Buckingham Palace. More details
are below. If you’re interested please send your CV over to
takeoff at stratajet.com.

Please email me directly at msilva at stratajet.com if you have additional
questions that aren’t answered below.


- We have built the first real-time search engine and booking platform for
private aviation

- Why? Because a jet can fly itself around the world, but to get on that
same jet, you still have to pick up the phone and talk to a broker.

*Problems we work on*

- Use dynamic market data to select a bundle of products from an infinite
number of permutations, optimizing for price, in real-time

- Develop algorithms to efficiently and accurately route aircraft through
the global airway network

- Extract complex pricing models into data structures for efficient
retrieval and analysis

- Design and build hardware for use in a scalable network of ground based

- Create applications that beautifully combine everything else we’ve built
into a cohesive, effective product

- In addition, we have a habit of pursuing 'unusual' undertakings, ranging
from deriving new trigonometric formulae to soldering circuit boards and
anything in between

*Ideal candidate*

- A junior developer with a passion for tackling hard problems

- Not afraid of taking on the responsibility typical of a start-up and not
afraid to ask ‘stupid’ questions

- Although we work with Ruby and JavaScript, we welcome devs with all
backgrounds. General ability and attitude come first

- MUST have permission to live and work full-time in the UK

*Our Team*

The (development) team is currently five developers from a variety of
different backgrounds. Everyone has as much autonomy as they like, but we
are still very much a team and support each other wherever necessary


Buckingham Gate, around the corner from Buckingham Palace

*To Apply*

Please send a covering email, CV and anything else you deem appropriate to
takeoff at stratajet.com


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