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Bex Clarke info at cookhoods.org
Tue Oct 15 05:21:34 PDT 2013

Hi guys,

I'm in the process of setting up a community food based social enterprise called CookHoods, and I'm looking for an committed Tech Lead/Co-Founder with lots of Ruby experience and a good eye for UX to come and join us.

This is largely to apply for a really exciting high profile social accelerator Bethnal Green Ventures which runs from Jan 2014 - March 2014 if we are successful. It's the last week of interviews, So please reply to the info address if you think you're the one! 

A bit more about BGV

- Applications close on Oct 28th!

- Interviews are 19th-21st Nov

-If we are successful we receive 15K and they take 6% equity

- It's funded by Nesta

-You do need to be based in London 

A bit more about CookHoods

"CookHoods is the new way to empower home cooks to sell their homemade edible goodies and fresh produce to their hungry neighbours"

CookHoods is a new social enterprise, reconnecting communities with their neighbours through real food made from scratch and locally grown produce, using tech and offline community engagement. 

-We believe in creating positive, local solutions to counter the status quo of the current food system - oil intensive, faceless, with lengthy supply chains, deceptive marketing and a diminishing variety of produce. 

-Our enterprise aims to bring communities closer together through homemade food, made from scratch; while encouraging skill sharing, providing a supplementary income for the underemployed, reducing isolation and championing a key life skill for health and wellbeing


Bex Clarke, Founding Director, CookHoods

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