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Murray Steele murray.steele at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 05:52:03 PDT 2013

Hi all,

As a follow up to my announcement at the start of Monday's meeting about
codes of conduct I thought I'd explain more clearly what I intend to do.

For those who weren't there my announcement was basically that LRUG needs
to have a code of conduct outlining the sort of behaviour we expect from
attendees and members of the mailings list.  We also need a clear policy on
what to do whenever someone behaves otherwise and we need to identify a
group of people to whom complaints can be made.

I also want to make explicit things that until now have just been in my
head.  Things like: how to suggest a talk, what sorts of content are
acceptable and relevant, guidelines for sponsorship and recruitment, &c.

I've been thinking about this for the last week or two (and on and off for
the past few months) so it should be clear to everyone that this is not a
"me too" response to the events that came to light over the last weekend
(even though those events are terrible and we do need to speak out).  There
are things wrong with LRUG as a community and we need to fix them.  I hear
plenty of people in the greater ruby / tech community that say things like
"I don't want to go to LRUG, it's really mean", or "LRUG, isn't it full of
assholes?", and that's pretty upsetting because it couldn't be further from
my experience of LRUG.

In the next week I'll be meeting up with a small group of people to come up
with the first draft of our code of conduct and policies.  We'll draw upon
existing great work in this area like:

   - Computer Anonymous Rules <http://computeranonymous.org/#rules>
   - Conference Code of Conduct <http://confcodeofconduct.com/>
   - Example positive code <https://gist.github.com/jcasimir/6992184>
   - Nation JS code <http://nationjs.com/conduct/index>
   - Pointers to other
   - The Ruby Berlin statement of

The results of our work will be posted to this list for review.  Once we're
happy with it I'll put it up on lrug.org in a prominent position.  Of
course, it'll be a living document and can change over time, but we need to
get something out there and start the process.


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