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Oh, absolutely. These incidents are happening either way. We can't address them if we don't hear about them. Just passing along an observation so you can be prepared. :)

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On Oct 18, 2013, at 8:11 AM, Tom Ten Thij <tomtenthij at gmail.com> wrote:

>> One of our organizers (sorry, that'd be "organisers" to you) said she's discovered that having a reporting structure means you'll start hearing about a lot of incidents that otherwise would've just gone unaddressed.
> Which I consider a beneficial outcome of this process. Victims should be encouraged to speak out in the safe knowledge that the perpetrators will have to face consequences of their unacceptable behaviour. The alternative is to risk victims feeling they can not go anywhere with their story, risk them to suffer in silence or leave the community.
> I welcome this effort and am happy to help.
> Tom
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