[LRUG] Difficult second album

Mark Burns markthedeveloper at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 10:22:15 PDT 2013

James's jobs email has inspired me with an idea for a talk title.

Rails and the Difficult Second Album

I've been brewing the idea of talking about moving from Rails apps of the
scale of 15 minutes blog post through monoliths into services, with a view
to separating completely and maybe replacing components (with eek, dare I
suggest, maybe non-ruby components) with messaging and queues and the like.

I'd like to tackle talking about the trade-offs and the trends over the
Fat-controllers -> Fat models, ActiveSupport::Concerns and callbacks,
form-backing objects, decorators/presenters, engines, hexagonal
architecture, dependency injection.

I don't think the view should be so binary that we just have
*  One file PHP apps were rubbish so wow look at MVC and its abstractions
* Java is enterprisey so wow look at Rails MVC and its simplicity

The polarising arguments in the community aren't particularly beneficial
DHH and his omakase, and a huge swathe of the rest of the community and
their rediscovered love for lots of OOP and disdain for what can be
appropriate solutions for appropriately sized applications.

I think we should be talking about transitions in architecture and the
points at which to introduce abstractions, and maybe with some examples of
what this looks like.

Any takers?

On 28 October 2013 16:54, James Hunt <ohthatjames at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi LRUG,
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> The company has seen massive growth over the last 7 years, and we're
> looking for developers at all experience levels to help us in that
> "difficult second album" phase: how we transform one large app into the
> architecture that will keep us growing at the same rate. It would be great
> if you have some past experience of moving off a monorail, or a breadth of
> knowledge from working in languages other than Ruby.
> We work in small teams, each given ownership of an area of value to the
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> Some of these buzzwords may apply to you: Ruby, Rails, TDD, Continuous
> Integration, agile, etc, etc. If not, get in touch anyway.
> James
> [1]
> http://blog.notonthehighstreet.com/2013/06/14/holly-tucker-and-sophie-cornish-awarded-mbes/
> [2]
> http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/gingko/product/led-cube-teak-wooden-alarm-clock
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