[LRUG] [COURSE] BDD Kickstart, London, December 4-6

chris.p at rsons.org chris.p at rsons.org
Thu Oct 31 09:50:34 PDT 2013

Hi lovely LRUGers, 

Look at that, I just made up a subject tag. Wonder if that will take 

Anyhow, Many of you will have figured out from my list traffic that I 
spend a lot of my time doing training courses these days, and I just 
wanted to send a quick plug for some training we're running in December.

Early bird runs out TONIGHT (scary, I know):


Thanks all


PS: More info if you've not already heard of Kickstart, and specifically 
the BDD course we run:

Kickstart isn't a regular training company: we're a loose partnership of
experts looking to teach our in-house courses directly to the public.

In three days, we'll teach you everything you need to be off and running
with Behaviour-Driven Development.

We'll start by teaching you the fundamental principles of BDD, and how it
fits into the wider world of agile. We'll show you how to run specification
workshops to explore new functionality as a collaborative activity, and
show you how to express those specifications as executable Cucumber tests.

Then we'll start applying those fundamentals in practice. We'll show you
how to automate your application, whether it's a Java web service, a rich
AJAX web application or a Flash game. We'll explore what to do as your test
suite grows in size, and prepare you for the major hurdles most teams run
into as they start to adopt BDD.

If you have any questions about the course, do let me know!

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