[LRUG] Rails job opportunities in London

Ben Griffiths bengriffiths at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 09:19:35 PST 2006

Reevoo has two full-time ruby developer opportunities, and potentially
two short-term (3 month) contract positions to fill.

Before I send these out to the recruitment vampires, I thought I'd
post them up here (I know this is bucking the trend of creating your
own rails-powered job board, but frankly we're too busy with the day

We're based near Waterloo and currently have a team of 3 programmers
and 1 designer. We're a young company of 13 people and our mission is
to connect real people who want to buy things with real people who've
already bought stuff - so that they can get honest opinion and advice.

We run Reevoo.com and you'll also see our reviews published on some of
the major UK retailers' sites - Comet, Dixons, Currys, Orange,
Jessops. In the past year, we've served over 36 million reviews and
ratings on these sites.

Some things you'll need to demonstrate to be considered:

* you'll need to love programming, learning new techniques, sharing
old ones, etc.
* you'll need to be able to program - there's a short programming test
that I'll send out to anyone who wants to apply.
* you'll have a practical approach to problems - no ideologues please.
* you'll enjoy working in a team that aspires to be agile - if you
hate pair-programming, this may not be for you.
* it won't scare or upset you that we're a small start-up and that
things can change very quickly, in fact, you'll feed off the energy
from that.

Some skills that would be very useful;

* HMTL and javascript skills
* Some unix experience
* Experience of other programming languages and paradigms

Because we work closely as a team, tele-working isn't appropriate for
these positions.

If anyone's interested in working with a great team trying to do great
things, then the first step is to send me a CV (with an explicit
salary expectation) and I'll send you a short programming test (30mins
- 1hour) that you'll need to complete. If that comes back shiny then
there will be a couple of interviews to go through.

If you want to find out more about what it's like working at Reevoo,
Paul Battley is a regular at LRUG meetings and Chris Roos and James
Mead have both lurked on this list from time to time. They all have
blogs that talk about the company from time to time. Or, for the
official line, you could ask me.

Oh, and if you're an agency reading this, please don't spam me with
emails or phone me up.


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