[LRUG] SMS receiving in Ruby

Rob Bevan robbevan at xpt.com
Thu Dec 14 09:44:46 PST 2006

Hi James,

> Just completely for side little personal projects I'm playing with in
> my head, does anyone know how I'd go about receiving SMS messages
> here in the UK that I can then process using Ruby?

If you've got a compatible phone, check out ultrasms.org.uk:

> UltraSMS is a free utility for sending and receiving mobile phone  
> SMS messages to and from a MySQL database on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X  
> etc.
> UltraSMS was created as an inexpensive solution for SMS enabling  
> web (or other) applications as easily as possible for the developer.

I wrote a little Rails app that played around with this a year or so  
Will dig this out and mail you off list if I can find it.

Rob Bevan

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