[LRUG] Canadian Rubyist in London

Austin Ziegler halostatue at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 10:25:36 PDT 2006

On 6/27/06, James Adam <james.adam at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, that would be great - do you have anything you'd like to present
> about? 30 minutes is probably a good duration. I think we'll also try
> and have a home-grown presentation at the same meeting.

Do I ... ;)

In part, I'll leave it up to you guys what you want to hear about, but
I'll prepare something as a fallback. Here's things that I'm able to
talk about, in no particular order.

  * Text::Format
  * MIME::Types
  * Ruwiki
  * Unicode/m17n (in light of the discussion on ruby-talk)
  * Building Ruby for Win32 with VS 2005
  * RAT (Ruby Archive Tools) + TRUG Hackathon, Archive::Tar::Minitar
  * Google Summer of Code & Ruby
  * PDF::Writer

Anything you want to hear about?

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