[LRUG] Next Meeting

Anthony Green email at acgreen.co.uk
Thu Mar 16 23:54:34 PST 2006

RE: Date
I'd prefer a date that doesn't clash with Pizza on Rails or Geek Dinner.
Mon, Wed, Fri are my favoured days :)
Beware if you push it into the first week of April you'll clash with the RC2
meetup (Rails, Dango)

RE: Venue
If you want a pub and a presentation area I recommend downstairs at the
Polar Bear it has a PA and a projector. Last Geekdinner was there, photos on

RE: Presentations
Ruby for Rails ? Is there such a thing as pattern design for Rails ?
The one person I know who is Mr Unit Testing is Marcus Baker of the PHP
London Group. He's posted occasionally on Sitepoint about Ruby/Rails.
Might make an interesting comparison. Or overkill :)


> Do people feel that Tuesday would be a
> little bit of overload?  Shall we push it back/pull it forward a week?
> Locations anyone?
> I'm still hanging out to hear Ben Griffiths' chat about unit testing,
> and how about those 'Engines' James?  Sorry, no 'luminaries' this
> meeting :)

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