[LRUG] Convincing a bank to use Ruby

Eleanor eleanor at goth-chic.org
Fri Mar 17 04:54:29 PST 2006

On 17 Mar 2006, at 07:03, Tiest Vilee wrote:
> I've just started at a bank and am hoping to help some fellow Rubyists
> convince said bank to allow me to use Ruby.
> What arguments do you think I should use?  Preferably ones that can be
> backed up (I'll develop 10x faster doesn't really cut it...)

Assuming it's a mission critical application, probably not a lot. Of  
course if it's a typical Java enterprise system that's being worked  
on you might build a case for JRuby as a macro language...

BTW, Ruby *is* an incredibly productive application language and I'm  
hoping in a few months to have some very spiffy stuff out in the open  
that will make a lot of big companies sit up and take notice of its  
potential for things other than Rails :)


Eleanor McHugh
Senior Software Developer
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