[LRUG] Fwd: Next Meeting

Richard Drake rdrake98 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 05:39:59 PST 2006

Here's a proposal for resolving the next meeting date:

1. We choose not to clash with Pizza On Rails on 27th

2. We kindly prefer not to overlap with (any) Extreme Tuesday
but accept that we may have to this time

3. We do something between Pizza on Rails and the end of the tax
year ie Wed 5th April at latest

4. One person three votes, on this thread of this list, votes counted
as of 6.30pm Monday, with first choice allotted 3 points, second
2 points, third 1 point. The date with the most points wins.

I vote for

1. Thu 30th Mar
2. Mon 3rd Apr
3. Tue 27th Mar

Better done on a wiki where my once famous SmalltalkBlockVote
can neatly become ruby_block_vote { 5 }. But this'll do for now.


Ruby for laser purity
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