[LRUG] Fwd: Next Meeting

benjohn at fysh.org benjohn at fysh.org
Fri Mar 17 06:57:33 PST 2006

> Here's a proposal for resolving the next meeting date:
> 1. We choose not to clash with Pizza On Rails on 27th
> 2. We kindly prefer not to overlap with (any) Extreme Tuesday
> but accept that we may have to this time

You too, huh? :)

> 3. We do something between Pizza on Rails and the end of the tax
> year ie Wed 5th April at latest
> 4. One person three votes, on this thread of this list, votes counted
> as of 6.30pm Monday, with first choice allotted 3 points, second
> 2 points, third 1 point. The date with the most points wins.
> I vote for
> 1. Thu 30th Mar

I'll second that.

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