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Richard Drake rdrake98 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 09:38:24 PST 2006

On 3/19/06, Roland Swingler <roland.swingler at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm happy to meet slightly later on in April as well.

It looks strongly as if the original ballot was pointing to a meeting on
Thurs 30th. I'd suggest for constitutional simplicity/fairness to those
who've already voted that we stick with that, especially given that LRUG's
not had a meeting for March. And then we do another vote right away, about
April's meeting.

The only other factor to bear in mind is that the week of 10th is Easter
week, with Friday a statutory holiday. Some people are likely to be on
holiday that week and/or the next. I happen to be in New York the first
week, just to declare my interest. I'd be sorry to miss Chad but in other
ways it sounds a very sensible idea.

Why not do exactly the same kind of three-way vote for the date of the April
meeting of any Monday to Thursday between 10th and 27th, excluding Monday
17th of Easter?

After that we could either settle on some formula (eg third Thursday of the
month) or vote each time, say at least three weeks in advance. Given Ruby's
penchant for being a dynamic language, with so much late bound ... and with
a increased number of Ruby pioneers like Chad liable to be visiting from
North America or Japan at reasonably short notice ... maybe voting would
work best for this group.

I'm assuming that monthly is the right average frequency to keep the show on
the road.

How many separate votes is that then, at the object (meeting) and meta
(constitutional) levels? That I'll leave to others to work out!

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