[LRUG] Introducing myself

Brett Norris norri_b at hotmail.com
Wed May 3 00:16:47 PDT 2006

Hi all on the London Ruby Users group mailing list,

Just thought I'd introduce myself - my name is Brett Norris and although I 
and work in Bristol, I thought I'd join this group as it was probably likely 
to be
more active than many of the other users groups.

A bit about myself - I first discovered Ruby about three years ago and
haven't yet come across any other technology that I enjoy working with
quite as much. Unfortunately I don't get to use it commercially as much
as I'd like - the large consultancy that I work for prefers languages for 
they could easily hire 100 developers if they so desired. Instead, I try to
sneak Ruby in by the back door - e.g. using it for proof of concepts, 
test data generation etc. In some ways I hope that Ruby does start to get
mainstream attention (more opportunities to use it).

I'd be interested to hear of other people's experiences on this mailing list 
are many people in the UK / London actually producing commercial work
with Ruby / Ruby on Rails?


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