[LRUG] Introducing myself

Benjohn Barnes benjohn at fysh.org
Fri May 5 00:15:26 PDT 2006

On 3 May 2006, at 08:16, Brett Norris wrote:
> I'd be interested to hear of other people's experiences on this  
> mailing list
> -
> are many people in the UK / London actually producing commercial work
> with Ruby / Ruby on Rails?

I've managed to talk my team in to using Ruby. I'm working at NDS (a  
company of about 600 in the digital TV arena), my team's about 12  
people - an even split of coders and testers.

My project in the team is an automated regression system for the  
team's products. After pressure from above, I did a 30 minute  
presentation on why I thought Ruby was a good idea, and the team  
voted on it. Bar one vote against, all votes were for the use of Ruby.

I like Ruby a lot. :) Personally, I think OO is flawed. "Objects" are  
a great idea. Classes, Inheritance, Modules, Mix-ins; the mechanics  
of how we currently make OO happen; that is flawed, in my opinion. I  
still love Ruby though. It's much closer to how a language should be.  
I don't think it's OO that makes it great though. I think it's its  
simplicity; its standard featureful distribution; its gems; its  
interactivity and expressiveness; the pickaxe; and its community.

See you all on Monday (?), I hope!


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