[LRUG] Topic for Next meeting

Tom Armitage tom at infovore.org
Mon May 22 13:56:25 PDT 2006

Yeah, I'm interested, and I usually have my Powerbook with me, so  
that's one client sorted :)

Certainly sounds around my level. I don't think any one talk can  
capture everyone, and far better to have something that covers some  
basics of Ruby, some more advanced Ruby dealing with constructs  
people might be familiar with in other languages, and some unique  
bits - ie, something for everyone - than twenty minutes of something  
that's only on-the-nail for one demographic.

Sounds fun, anyhow.


On 22 May 2006, at 20:54, Benjohn Barnes wrote:

> On 22 May 2006, at 19:32, I wrote:
>> I hope to cover:
>> 	irb,
>> 	some socket basics from Ruby pov,
>> 	telnet to talk to sockets,
>> 	a bit of a basic class,
>> 	extending object "on the fly"
>> 	array's will get usage.
>> Other stuff that comes up :)
> If that's totally off key, either below the level of anyone who's
> interested, or too difficult, then I'll understand. I'm equally happy
> not to do anything, and just drink and talk! :)
> Thought I should add that.
> Thanks,
> 	Benjohn
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