[LRUG] Topic for Next meeting

Eleanor eleanor at goth-chic.org
Wed May 24 13:13:02 PDT 2006

On 22 May 2006, at 12:49, benjohn at fysh.org wrote:
>> That sounds great Benj, I'm sure people would like to see what you've
>> got.  BTW, have you had a look at Mongrel?
> I've come accross it. I don't actually use Ruby (atm) for web  
> scripting,
> so Mongrel's not in my immediate locus of attention :)

One of the things I'm planning on doing next month is seeing how easy  
it is to port a web application framework that sits on top of WEBrick  
to Mongrel and then abstract it so that it can be deployed on either.  
Don't I lead an exciting life ?;)


Eleanor McHugh
Systems Developer

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