[LRUG] Fwd: pre-conf beer next Wed Sept 13

Tom Ward tom at popdog.net
Thu Sep 7 07:48:25 PDT 2006

Must remember, reply-to-all...

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From: Tom Ward <tom at popdog.net>
Date: 07-Sep-2006 15:46
Subject: Re: [LRUG] pre-conf beer next Wed Sept 13
To: Joanna Go <joanna.go at skillsmatter.com>

On 07/09/06, Joanna Go <joanna.go at skillsmatter.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> So it sounds like you lot are alright with the location, so that's
> fantastic.  I'll book it for 9pm, a bit after the conference for 60
> people.  We'll promote the event at in the conference brochure, so if
> you want to send us any designs, just let us know.  Of course, we'll put
> the LRUG logo on it and call it your party with our sponsorship as
> agreed and put £500 behind the bar.  I'll let you know when I get in
> touch with the bar.  I've already reserved the room tentitavely, so I'll
> just make it final by the end of today and afterwards you can start
> promoting it on your website.

Sounds brilliant.  Thanks for all the hard work you've put in.

I don't think we have an official logo, we're more a Naomi Klein kind
of group.  A mention of our website (lrug.org) would be nice though,
so we can recruit some fresh blood.


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