[LRUG] Funding a start-up?

Eleanor eleanor at goth-chic.org
Thu Jan 11 13:52:48 PST 2007

On 11 Jan 2007, at 19:05, Matthieu Stone wrote:
> Just going through the exercise of the above will give a much  
> better understanding of your business proposal, & you won't look  
> like a "rabbit in headlights" when someone asks you a question -  
> such as "when will you be cash flow positive", or "what ROI can I  
> expect on my investment" - "I don't know" is not answer & you will  
> be politely shown the door very quickly.
> Some people won't want to know you, others will like you for a bit,  
> then decide that its great opportunity but its not right for them.  
> Its a full time job looking for the right investor, looking to  
> invest the right amount of funds, into your idea and team.
> You can engage someone to help you raise the capital, but it will  
> cost you either a fixed fee, % of the capital, or some equity.
> Once your prepared,  get on the phone & work the contacts like crazy.
> Having said all that.. ruby & rails allow you to produce a fairly  
> sophisticated app very quickly & creative internet marketing is  
> really cheap - it just takes time if you've got the skills & the  
> motivation.
> I don't know what your doing, but if your aiming at the music or  
> entertainment space, I might be able to point you to some useful  
> people.

Thanks Matt, that's all useful stuff. I haven't done this sort of  
thing in thirteen years and I hadn't expected to be looking earlier  
than the summer so events have caught me on the hop :)


Eleanor McHugh
Games With Brains
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