[LRUG] February Meeting - Speakers needed

Richard Livsey richard at livsey.org
Fri Jan 12 02:45:11 PST 2007

I can do a case-study style presentation on our use of Rails in our upcoming


We're coming close to the launch of our new incident management application
for training and responding to incidents/disasters so I'd be keen to show
that off and talk about how we used Rails to develop it, such as the
plug-ins we used and developed (many of which we will be releasing as open
source in the near future). 


We're also looking to hire some new Rails developers, so will be good to
give the apps an airing to show you all what kind of things we are working
on and if anyone wants to come work with us :o)





Richard Livsey

Head of Agile Development, CitySafe


http://citysafe.org ....... CitySafe 

http://thatsprogress.com .. The Fitness Community (soon) 

http://livsey.org ......... Blog : Musings of a Rails Developer


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Hi all,

February's meeting is scheduled for the Monday the 12th of Feb, back in our
cosy underground lair on Sekeforde St kindly donated by Skills Matter.
However, we need someone to volunteer to give a talk about something. 

It doesn't need to be particularly long, in depth, or even something you
think you know a lot about, chances are you'll cover something that no-one
else has thought of.  It doesn't even need to be a talk-to-the-crowd style
presentation.  You could lead a discussion based on things that confuse you
about ruby or maybe someone has an idea for a more practical or demo based
evening that we could have.  It's up to you, we'll appreciate anyone who
takes the time to do something. 

Anyway, if you've got an itch to present that you want to scratch, or just a
suggestion for something you want to hear about, now is the time.



ps I don't recall if anyone volunteered something in any amount of
seriousness at the pub quiz, even with the offer of bonus points for doing
so.  If you did volunteer, raise your hand again and I'll pay more attention
this time.

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