[LRUG] [new rails app] www.freetheiphone.com

Romain Eude romain.eude at free.fr
Sun Jan 28 16:02:49 PST 2007

Dear LRUG,

just a short note on a mini-site I just released today:  
I hacked it fairly quickly (from the pure rails dev point of view).  
It uses Gruff (excellent plugin from G Grosenbach) and is deployed at  
Besided the petition itself, it helped me validate the deployment and  
the infrastructure (SVN, ImageMagick, Caching, Integration of  
overLib, etc...) at Site5. That was a good learning experience.

The UI still needs some CSS tuning but at some point one's gotta ship  
So there it is.  Let me know what you think and Digg it if you feel  
like it (http://digg.com/apple/ 


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