[LRUG] Mentoring Meetups

Peter Jones peterbjones at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 14:17:32 PDT 2007

Hi Steve,

I had an idea for an LRUG mentoring/tutoring type

Basically someone could make a request to be
mentored/tutored on a Ruby/Rails subject using the
application and a more experienced LRUG person would
hopefully do so. The only condition is that the person
who has been mentored/tutored (and now knows about
that subject) would have to agree to mentor/tutor two
other LRUG members on that topic should they request

The application would build up a database of LRUG
member skills/expertise that was available to other
LRUG members.

I'm not sure if this would be suitable for your
meetups. Hopefully we can chat about it after the next
LRUG meeting.


--- Stephen Bartholomew <steve at curve21.com> wrote:

> Hey All,
> Sorry for the lack of progress on the previous
> mentioned ideas about  
> mentoring meetups.  I've had a number emails from
> some of you who are  
> interested in group developing a basic web
> application from concept  
> to deployment.  I realise that lax group development
> quite often  
> leads to the non-completion of said project. 
> However, as I've  
> mentioned before, the application itself is merely a
> way to focus  
> meetups on a particular subject.
> To this end, the structure I would like to propose
> is:
> o An application for LRUG - attendee profiles, a
> place for code to be  
> stored etc etc
> o Each meetup covers a small iteration and focuses
> on a particular  
> subject
> o At the end we can also discuss any issues people
> are having with an  
> applicataion they're developing (ala-pub after lrug)
> We're also defining 'mentor' as 'one who guides' as
> opposed to 'uber- 
> coder'.  Everyone will hopefully have something to
> contribute, rather  
> than a tutor style approach.
> As for the dates of the sessions, there can be no
> expectation as to  
> the frequency.  Everyone has other commitments I'm
> sure so the only  
> expectation at this stage is that there will be at
> least one meet.   
> After that we will have a review and decide the next
> steps.  It may  
> prove to be a waste of time.  Or useful.  Who knows?
> Next steps:
> 1. Decide on a date - weekend or evening?
> 2. Decide on the application
> 3. Decide the first iteration to cover
> So - do post your comments and thoughts.  If nothing
> else it will be  
> a good excuse to sit in a cafe and look cool.
> Cheers,
> Steve
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