[LRUG] Roy Fielding keynote at RailsConf Europe

Marcus Roberts marcus at marcusr.org.uk
Sun Jul 15 06:20:55 PDT 2007

> FYI, both Ryanair and Easyjet have return flights from London (Stansted or
> Gatwick) for about £80 all-in (i.e. including all rip-off taxes and
> carrying
> some actual luggage). Flying from Luton was a bit cheaper, IIRC.

I've got a good deal booking the hotel and flight through Expedia - there
was a big discount on the hotel, and the flights were BA ones to/from
Heathrow which suit me me living in west London.
It's about £300 for the flights and the stay in the hotel.

> Jonathan - I would have loved to travel by train, but it takes 12 hours
> and
> costs a minimum of £133, according to this page;
> http://www.seat61.com/Germany.htm  So, it's a plane again this time, I'm
> afraid.

I would have loved to have gone by train too, but it was a full day's
travel there and back, which didn't work for such a short period of time


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