[LRUG] IronRuby - beware

John Scholes j3s1c4 at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 27 08:15:15 PDT 2007

It is certainly not an ad hominem attack! I was merely pointing out that 
someone who had just accused me of FUD (in the rather mild point I had 
made about MS) had a particular viewpoint/background which he had not 

An ad hominem attack is an attack. Where exactly is the attack in my 
words below? The last sentence you quote below was not ironical or 
sarcastic, it meant exactly what it said - someone's background of 
financial interest does not invalidate their opinion. However, it is 
surely something which people are entitled to know when trying to 
evaluate competing arguments.

Moreover the following paragraph, which you did not quote, seemed to me 
a model of balance and fairness :)

John Scholes

Tom Ward wrote:
> On 27/07/07, John Scholes <j3s1c4 at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> So just to be clear, you Ian are the Ian Cooper of the London. NET User
>> Group. You are a MS Certified Professional and make your living
>> primarily doing consultancy on MS products. Is that correct? None of
>> that, of course, invalidates your opinion on IronRuby.
> This is below the belt; it reads as a pure ad hominem attack.  By all
> means question Microsoft and their motivations, but let's please just
> attack the arguments, not the people making them.
> Tom
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