[LRUG] mod_ruby question

Graham Seaman graham at theseamans.net
Thu Mar 8 06:40:43 PST 2007


Is it ok to ask ruby questions (as opposed to ruby-social-questions) on 
here? If not, someone please point me in the right direction...

But if so, here's a question:

As a newbie rubyist, I assumed I could just setup mod_ruby and apache 
and go with a nice shallow learning curve.  But my first attempt at a 
site is  having trouble  with responding correctly to googlebot  and 
yahoo slurp, which seem to  want content-length  returned in response to 
a HEAD request. The default mod_ruby implementation (on debian sarge) 
doesn't seem to do this, or to have any parameters to configure it. Do I 
need to start writing my own handlers (and if so is there a handy 
reference starting point on how to integrate them) or have I just 
misunderstood something along the line?


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