[LRUG] mod_ruby question

Graham Seaman graham at theseamans.net
Fri Mar 9 06:08:16 PST 2007

Dominic Mitchell wrote:
> I believe that's actually incorrect... HEAD should replicate a GET 
> request *exactly*, including the COntent-Length for the non-existent 
> content.
>    http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec9.html#sec9.4
Thanks; of course, you're right - and when I looked a GET isn't 
returning the content-length either. And now I'm not sure if I'm having 
a problem with lack of apache knowledge or lack of ruby knowledge. Is 
there a standard ruby solution to generate headers without having to 
instantiate a CGI object on every single page? Or is that unnecessary 
and there's something I should do with mod_headers instead? (I'm using 
mod_ruby, and passing all .html files to the ERubyRun handler; running 
on Debian sarge with a vanilla apache2)


> -Dom
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