[LRUG] Continuations

benjohn at fysh.org benjohn at fysh.org
Thu Mar 15 03:21:23 PDT 2007

> So, on the train back on Wednesday I thought of a way of explaining
> continuations. This morning, I finally wrote it up as a blog post:
> http://www.bofh.org.uk/articles/2007/03/15/the-commenting-problem
> Please let me know if it helps.

Erm - I'm not sure that it helps me, and I thought I knew what they
were, sorry! I did find your explaination based on your Sudoku solver
compelling though.

I think I'd have preffered an explaination based no that (but I wasn't
at the meeting :-)). I don't quite see why the search couldn't throw out
exceptions then it fails, and so return up and try out another possible
path? Perhaps because you want to huristically choose which search path
to take, so you kind of need to be able to prioritse "threads" of
possible solutions?

I've also heard of continuation based web servers. Perhaps these could
be a good way of explaining continuations too?

Sorry, but thank you for trying!


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