[LRUG] Rails Question : Matching Share Nested Resources to Controllers

Anthony Green Anthony.Green at bbc.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 06:58:55 PST 2007

I'm finding more and more problems with screen furniture that changes upon

I have for example Cancel buttons on a create resource page that can return
you to 4 different locations depending on what route through the application
the user took to reach the point where they decide to create the resource.

Unfortunately the breadcrumb is also more complex that the simple insertion
of the parent source type.

The generation of partial directories based on parent resource name might
well be the way forward for some of this stuff.


On 5/11/07 14:29, "Tom Stuart" <tom at experthuman.com> wrote:

> But aside from this I agree with Craig Webster's second message on
> this thread re: how much view context should really change between
> these different scenarios. In each case the user's conceptually doing
> the same thing (albeit with different filters) and it would be unusual
> for things to be radically different between views. In many cases it
> comes down to just showing some representation of the parent object
> itself (which might include e.g. breadcrumbing, calling #name on it
> etc) which shouldn't be onerous enough to warrant completely separate
> controllers.

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