[LRUG] December Meeting - Registration Open

Thomas R. Koll tomk32 at gmx.de
Thu Nov 29 02:18:26 PST 2007

Am 28.11.2007 um 22:48 schrieb Murray Steele:
> So, any talkers?
> If there aren't any other offers I'm sure I could put my money  
> where my mouth is after all my "hey, you don't need to be an  
> expert, just try stuff out for a bit and then talk about it" chat.   
> I could cobble together something about what's new in ruby 1.9 over  
> the next couple of weekends.   It'll probably be a distillation of  
> that eigenclass link, so if you've read that there might not be  
> much new stuff for you.
> Assuming people aren't tired of my face, would that float folks boats?

Why not a panel discussion about naming software?
We had a nice discussion about that in IRC yesterday.

ciao, tom

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