[LRUG] which blog and which BB?

Ed Davey ed at veryreal.co.uk
Tue Feb 19 10:37:19 PST 2008

I am making a site in Rails which will include amongst other things a  
blog and a discussion forum.

For the blog I plan to use Typo (familiar with Typo 4) but am not  
sure about the forums.

As far I know there aren't any mature, stable, well documented ruby  
or rails BBs? I've used SMF (yuck) in the past and I know that people  
have integrated punBB with rails:


and that railsforum.com use punBB.

Any recommendations / comments on either / both the blog and  
discussion forum application areas?


- how suitable are Mephisto and Beast given that I want to be up and  
running fast and am no jedi
- experiences using Typo 5 in production



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