[LRUG] which blog and which BB?

Nick Ludlam nick at recoil.org
Tue Feb 19 14:18:21 PST 2008

On 19 Feb 2008, at 18:42, James Smith wrote:

> On 19/02/2008, Ed Davey <ed at veryreal.co.uk> wrote:
>> Any recommendations / comments on either / both the blog and
>> discussion forum application areas?
> I personally found Beast to be really easy to set up, and also one of
> the most user-friendly forum applications around. I didn't get very
> far integrating it into my own Rails app, I ended up having a separate
> instance with separate user accounts, but then I didn't really try
> very hard...

I'm also using beast on my domain, and although I'd hardly call it
taxed (with only 350 posts or so), it seems to be simple for people
to pick up and start using.

The one thing I would say is that I've had to turn off caching as I'm
getting a bad interaction with lighttpd and the rails cache code. It
doesn't happen with Mongrel, and I've yet to track down the exact
cause, but it's a little annoying.


Nick Ludlam
nick at recoil.org

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