Chris Parsons chris at edendevelopment.co.uk
Wed Feb 20 05:12:14 PST 2008

or, Hampshire Ruby User Group[1]...

...I just made this up, but does anyone know if it actually exists?

If not, is there anyone in the Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth,  
Basingstoke, etc who'd be interested in one? I know a few satellite  
members of LRUG are part of the list from parts afar, like me, and  
might appreciate an additional meeting a little closer to home...

We've a small office in Winchester and I'd be happy to organise it if  
there's enough interest.

Let me know if anyone's interested.


[1] Perhaps we should call it Hampshire User Group for Ruby, as  
hugr.org would be very web 2.0 :-) oh, damn, it's gone. Those darned  

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