[LRUG] Rails developers needed

Dafydd Rees daf at dafydd.net
Wed Feb 20 06:09:23 PST 2008

Chris Parsons wrote:

> PS: <rant>Does anyone else find the use of the term Rockstar or Ninja  
> in job ads almost makes you feel physically sick? It's like, "Hey,  
> here's a bandwagon! Quick, before it gets away!" It's not like rails  

It's not quite as good as "heavyweight/middleweight media developer 

Now I understand why the iMac had a hockey-puck mouse - so that it's 
comfy when wearing boxing gloves!

I've got this picture in my mind of "rockstar" rails developer throwing 
a 20" CRT out of a 10th story window in Canary Wharf...

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