[LRUG] Spammers

David Nolan dave at textgoeshere.org.uk
Wed Sep 3 13:04:49 PDT 2008


I've got a tiny app with a tiny signup form which is attracting spam like
hungry zombies to Brainsfest 2008 "All The Cerebellum You Can Knaw" Day.

At the moment, the spam is... naive... so identifying it is not the issue.

What I'd like the list's advice on is what to render on spam submission, and
how to implement it.

- normal model validation, non-model spam? accessor, custom
ActiveController::SpammyMiscreant exception caught in the controller, ...?
- render http status 500, 404, 200 or something else?
- if 200, render nothing, a normal form error message, or something else?

How do you do it and why?

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