[LRUG] LRUG quiz for Oct meeting

Steve Ganly steve at concept-shop.com
Mon Sep 8 06:50:45 PDT 2008

Hi peeps,

I've volunteered to organise a quiz for next months LRUG meeting (Oct).

The idea is to have a panel based game with buzzers/buttons just like
you'd see on a TV game show.

I'd like to hear thoughts on what kind of format to use:
  2 x teams of 4
  4 x teams of 4 (if we're in the big room)
  4 x teams of 2
or something along those lines.

Depending on demand, should we organise teams in advance or sort it 
out on the night.  Do we want/need a preliminary selection round like
on "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

The games will have a number of rounds. Each round having either one
subject or a set of questions for a number of topics that can be 
chosen by the players.

I've a list of Ruby, Rails and "common gems" topics already, but would
like to hear your suggestions/requests.

Some more suggestions for fun round topics (from the last LRUG nights
  David Hasslehoff
  Baywatch Nights
  Founders @ work
  Language design & designers
  Geek Culture
  Beers at sam smiths pubs

More suggestions are invited...

If anyone wants to suggest questions, please do so in this format:
  Q: Who starred next to David Hasslehoff in Baywatch?
  A: Pamela Anderson
  AA: Pamela Stephenson
  AA: Mitch Buchannon
  AA: Wendy Devolder

i.e. question, answer, and alternative answers.
You can also add explanatory text or comments to go before or after
the question.

Mail me directly or reply to the list if you wish, but questions 
appearing on the list may or may not make it into games on the night.

If anyone is up for helping create questions and games please mail
me or grab me for a chat tonight. I'll be wearing my inconspicuous
bright pink T shirt especially so you can pick me out.

After the event, the games will be made available to all under a
creative commons license.

Steve Ganly.

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