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Paul Bowsher paul.bowsher at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 03:01:56 PST 2009

I've not attended any meetings yet but I can recommend the Suffolk Inn  
which is across-ish from the Slamb. They have a function room upstairs  
and are very friendly.

Paul Bowsher

On 7 Dec 2009, at 10:37, Murray Steele <murray.steele at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Important news about future LRUG meetings:
> A New Venue
> Skills Matter have moved offices to The Skills Matter eXchange on
> Goswell Road (http://skillsmatter.com/location-details/design-architecture/484/96 
> ).
> This new venue has plenty of space to host our meetings so we'll be
> moving to there in the new year.  It's about a 10 minute walk from
> their old office and the closest tube is now Barbican.
> A New Pub
> The most important thing about this new venue is that we'll need to
> find a new post-meeting pub as The Crown won't be particularly close
> anymore.  Skills Matter have suggested we use The Slaughtered Lamb
> (http://www.theslaughteredlambpub.com/).  However, as it hosts
> Electro-Acoustic club most Wednesdays I'm not sure it'll be the best
> fit for an injection of rubyists at 8pm.  To this end, I'm proposing
> an extra-special LRUG Nights to scout out the area and find a good
> pub.  We'd need to do this on an Wednesday so I was thinking of either
> the 16th December or the 6th January.  Anyone interested in helping
> out?
> January
> We'll have the first LRUG meeting at the new venue, and our first
> meeting of 2010, on Wednesday 13th January.  Who wants to be part of
> this momentous occasion?  It'd be nice to get the lineup/agenda for
> this sorted in the next couple of weeks so we can all enjoy
> Winterval/Festivus/Solstice/Muzmas safe in the knowledge that there's
> an LRUG slow-roasting in the oven ready for us to feast on in January.
> February
> For the last 2 years we've run the February meeting as a lightning
> talks evening, and if we do it a 3rd time that'll make it a tradition
> and thus WRITTEN IN STONE for all ETERNITY that February is LRUG
> lightning talk month.  The meeting will be on the 10th of February and
> we'll need about 8 speakers.  If you are thinking about it, note that
> we use the "20 slides on screen for 20 seconds each" format for this
> meeting.
> As usual, if you want to talk at any meeting just let me know (via the
> list or directly) and I'll sort it out.  You may want to check out
> http://lrug.org/speaking and http://lrug.org/speaking/tips for advice
> too.
> Cheers,
> Muz
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