[LRUG] Chat Digest, Vol 47, Issue 8

Olly Headey olly at freeagentcentral.com
Wed Dec 9 03:16:54 PST 2009

I use Ruby Enterprise Edition which is built from source (using their
one-step installer).  It rocks.

I use Macports for ImageMagik etc and the standard MySQL package install.

Cheers, Olly

Olly Headey, Co-Founder and CTO
FreeAgent : Painless Online Accounting

> From: Anthony Green <Anthony.Green at bbc.co.uk>
> I spent a good hour of yesterday evening debugging a gems problem on a
> colleagues laptop.
> It made me wonder whether there's a general consensus amongst LRUGers on
> what's the best way to manage Ruby + Gems + Rails on OS X ?
> For myself I've 'fallen back' to using MacPorts, since it seems to
> accommodate a growth in need (counchDB etc) quite well.
> Thoughts ?
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