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Thu Dec 10 07:33:26 PST 2009

> Willing to listen if someone can show me I'm wrong.

Haml isn't so much of an abstraction as a distillation of HTML.  It's  
HTML with the crap removed - which means there are a few language  
hoops to jump through of course - but most of it matches syntax we're  
already used to:



  <div class="customers">



<div id="wrapper">

The references here are just like CSS (for which you should *of  
course* be using Sass...).

As for the outputted code, it's very well marked up.  Haml has a  
number of options for the format of the outputted code as well as  
shortcuts for doc types etc.  When I look at HTML produced by Haml,  
it's just how I would mark it up by hand.

One area Haml does fall short is when your writing large blocks of  
text.    For most database-driven apps this isn't an issue though and  
you can use filters like markdown within a Haml template.

That's my attempt :)


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