Jocke Selin jocke at selincite.com
Thu Dec 10 09:48:46 PST 2009

On 10 Dec 2009, at 15:22, Anthony Green wrote:

>> Isn't it time you all gave in and used haml?  Come on - you know it
>> makes sense....
> I've always dismissed HAML as one of those project 'where the devil makes
> work for idle hands'
> I'm not convinced by the need for an abstraction that seems to require such
> cognitive adjustment from the final output.
> As a Semantic HTML Web Standardista I also presumed it could only lead to
> more terrible HTML code.
> Willing to listen if someone can show me I'm wrong.

I'm listening too. Although I'm not coming from a "Semantic HTML Web Standardista" but from a more pragmatic perspective of simply getting things done. I'm not interesting in teaching others how I've done something as universal as HTML. If HAML becomes a standard that more than 80% of web devs use, then I'm happy to pad out the rest of the 20% by joining the forces.
From the tiny bits I've bothered to look at HAML it doesn't actually solve a problem, it's "just" "doing the same, in a different way" (and this way might be better - which again is obviously subjective). ActiveRecord for example solves a problem, and that problem is to eliminate or minimise writing SQL (and the security holes that come with it).

Please continue, I just wanted to say that I'm here in the corner with my popcorn, watching the show.



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