Anthony Green email at acgreen.co.uk
Thu Dec 10 19:10:20 PST 2009

Because removing those three extra letters moves the emphasis away from tag
to attribute, which is something of a mixed blessing. Its 'good' that
developers are encouraged to think about what a 'kind of a thing' something
is and to use domain language in their naming conventions, but structure is
important too.

But yes I get your point.


On 10/12/2009 22:32, "Chris Mear" <chrismear at gmail.com> wrote:

> So when a good conscientious web developer starts using Haml they'll suddenly
> start littering their code with unnecessary divs, and not bothering to use
> semantically-appropriate elements, simply because Haml makes it three
> characters easier to use a div than any other tag?
> I totally get that it *feels* like it's encouraging bad behaviour, but in
> practice if you're already a good writer of HTML then Haml isn't going to
> change you for the worse, and if you're a shitty writer of HTML, then, well,
> you're already writing shitty HTML.
> Chris

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