[LRUG] Building a CMS from scratch...

James Adam james at lazyatom.com
Thu Feb 12 15:24:52 PST 2009

On 12 Feb 2009, at 17:47, Sebastian Komianos wrote:
> Now, I can simply go for Wordpress+MediaWiki+vBulletin/SMF and that  
> would make perfect sense. However, I 'd love to challenge my self  
> and try to create a CMS with all these bundled in (or at least, a  
> CMS just to replace WP). I am not going to ask how easy this is, I  
> don't want something easy. My two questions are: a) Is it  
> achievable, having in mind I am a begginer? b) Is it worth to try or  
> do you reckon that I should spend my time differently? As I see it,  
> it's a good way to learn programming in ruby but I might be totally  
> wrong.

Another project to take inspiration from might be Radiant, although  
the learning curve might be quite steep just examining its internals.  
There's also Simplelog, Mephisto and Beast. Oh, and Vanilla.rb,  
although that's more meta and abstract. There's nothing wrong with  
poking around and the stealing any good ideas you find.

Good luck!


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