[LRUG] Rails in the wonderful, wonderful Cloud

Mike Evans mike at harmonypark.net
Thu Oct 1 02:10:13 PDT 2009

Hello, a quick question on this sunny autumnal morning. A client of  
ours is looking to move their Rails app into the cloud both for future  
scalability and redundancy reasons (the recent 20 minute outage due to  
their current host's network issues being the proximate cause).

Can anyone recommend, or recommend avoiding, any virtualised  
platforms? I'm aware of Engine Yard and Heroku (both of which are EC2  
based I believe), and it seems Rackspace has a product now too. We've  
used Joyent in the past but found their customer service pretty  
woeful. The client's budget is £250/US$400 per month; a managed  
solution would be preferable if budget allows.

Thanks for any tips!



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