[LRUG] Ruby course marketing

Paul Wilson merecomplists01 at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 23 04:20:38 PDT 2009

On 23 Oct 2009, at 12:15, Eleanor McHugh wrote:

> On 23 Oct 2009, at 10:52, Kenneth Lee wrote:
>> On a less serious note... Google reckons plumbing as an option.
>> http://pic.gd/2e795e
> That could be an unexpected consequence of my Ruby Plumber's Guide  
> presentations...

Scott (aka Rubyist) at EdgeCase mentions nearly becoming a plumber in  
his bio.  There may be a trend.


(I also suspect a connection between Ruby and asthma, but I don't want  
to start a health scare.)

Paul Wilson

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