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Taryn East teast at globalpersonals.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 04:57:34 PDT 2009

Was great fun!

2009/9/10 Matt Wynne <matt at mattwynne.net>

> ...are here:
> http://github.com/mattwynne/kata-minesweeper/tree/lrug-zombie-group
> Thanks all, I had a blast. I hope you had fun too. Any feedback or insights
> on the whole thing would be wonderful.


Five minutes seems a long time when you're watching... and goes by in a
blink if you're in the hotseat.

Really small differences in physical environment can seriously get in the
way - in my case: being really un-used to a buttonless mouse

We had a fairly active peanut gallery (I'm guilty too!). While watching on -
this seems really useful when the coding pair are struggling... but I
noticed when you're actually up there that it's pretty darn distracting if
you're the one trying to concentrate on the code.

When you're up to a cucumber testcase > 1 it's not obvious when you've
re-broken the first test-case
Also - there's no obvious separation of test-runs, so when you scroll up
it's quite easy to be accdientally looking at the wrong test-run. Our pairs
began to solve this by clearing the screen before each test run... but that
meant you coudln't as easily scroll up to see previous tst-cases if you
*did* want to...

my 2c (*)

* currently worth ~ 1.0387503 pence ;)
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