[LRUG] Onwards and upwards, into 2011

Murray Steele murray.steele at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 08:51:41 PST 2010

Hey all,

As mentioned at the meeting on Monday the dates for the next couple of
meetings are*:

January: 10th
February: 14th
March: 14th

That February meeting date might be problematic for the more romantic or
Hallmark-inspired members of the group, so I'll ask Skills Matter if we can
move it.  Obviously it depends on what dates Skills Matter have available
for us, but a rough set of choices is available here:
http://doodle.com/tuhqcshfhpyanqm5 (Previous Monday, following Monday or the
Tuesday 15 or Wednesday 16th).

In terms of content we're wide open.

It'd be nice to get January sorted out as soon as possible before every one
retreats to their caves to hibernate for the Winterval period.  Anyone up
for it?

February will be our traditional lightning talk evening.  If anyone's not
been before we do it 20x20 style (20 slides, autotransitioning after 20
seconds for a 6 minutes 40 seconds total talk time), so we need lots of
speakers.  Usually about 7 or 8 of us will be enough to fill the evening.
 Last year I put myself forward to do a talk on whatever the list wanted to
hear about (I talked about Ruby Fibers).  Maybe someone else would like to
fall on that sword this time?

March is just a normal meeting.  Unless you suggest we do something wildly
different?  It's probably about time we did another slightly ambitious
technical evening.  Like a dojo or a kata or trying a ruby quiz or
something.  Anyone up for that?  We can sort it out later on, just have a
think yeah?



* These are all mondays, obviously.
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