[LRUG] Designer/Front-end developer required

Rob Watson rfwatson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 03:23:34 PST 2010

Hello list

We're looking for somebody to take on some freelance front-end/design work
at our West London-based startup.

There is about 3-5 days of work, preferably starting later this week, and
finishing at the latest by the end of next week. We do need somebody who can
come in to our office every day and work closely with us.

The other stuff we need:

* High-quality design skills, both mocking and implementation in HTML/CSS
* Comfortable with Haml, or at least willing to learn it (it doesn't take
* Some Rails experience, and your laptop already setup with Ruby, Rails etc.

If this is you, then drop me an email off-list to discuss more.

many thanks

Co-founder, Mixlr | *http://mixlr.com*
Twitter: *@rfwatson* <http://twitter.com/rfwatson>
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