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Snake Plisken snakepliskin999 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 02:49:37 PDT 2011

Hi El Rug,

We are a 4 year old central London based digital services company providing
D2C online marketing and e-commerce solutions for the creative industries. Our
service delivery model is at the vanguard of the ‘new industry’ that is now
emerging as technological innovation is rapidly making the traditional
industry redundant.  Our clients range from the best emerging artists around
to a number of global established acts plus 120+ venues and promoters. The
company is expanding organically as opposed to taking investment, and we are
now looking to add another experienced developer to our team. We have a
young management team and are looking for team players that enjoy working in
a fast paced, dynamic and agile environment where everyone has a voice and
innovation is encouraged.

The successful applicant can expect to be working on a brand new site using:

- rails 3

- rabbitmq

- mongodb

- haml

- jquery (and coffeescript if you want)

- git

- chef

- anything else your experience tells you is appropriate for the situation

Applicants with experience in building sites to deal with large peaks of
traffic are particularly welcome.

We are withholding our company name to avoid the inevitable deluge of
enquiries from recruitment agencies that always follows a public job
posting. Please contact snakepliskin999 at gmail.com with your details
(especially GitHub profile) to find out exactly who we are, unless you are a
recruitment agency in which case please do not contact us.

Remuneration: depending on ability and experience, up to £45k + stock
options (which are actually of value since we have not taken any investment)

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