[LRUG] The BBC is looking for Ruby Developers

Paul Robinson paul at 32moves.com
Thu Apr 21 01:55:25 PDT 2011

On 19 Apr 2011, at 22:38, Anthony Green wrote:

> We're looking for outspoken XP advocates, with a strong test discipline, sympathy for Software Craftsmanship, who are comfortable with mentoring and evangelising good practice.
> The role is Developer-In-Test, the goal is world class software, the link is: http://tinyurl.com/3obamzq

This sounds like a similar but bigger/re-hashed/permanent version of a 3-month contract gig I interviewed at White City for at the start of the year, which I was offered but *very* reluctantly turned down because on the same day - 2 hours after interviewing at the BBC - I was offered equity in a start-up with a proven business model. I'll go for start-up over "enterprise" every time if the numbers stack up.

I recall gently pointing out in my interview that it seemed like there were deeper issues at hand than simply getting Cucumber features involved in developing code and having a test champion on the team.

I won't go into specifics here as I'm assuming NDA conditions, and I think some of the stuff I discussed with them they may want candidates to see with fresh eyes. All I'll say is: if you go for this, I think you'll need to spend some time dealing with big picture stuff as well as being great at developing tests.

That said, I walked away still wanting the job and it seemed like an interesting place to work with interesting challenges around the corner. And the people seemed like lovely people to share 40 hours a week and a bucket load of ideas with.

Of course, this job might be in a completely different area, somewhere in the bowels of the worst building the BBC's vast property portfolio can come up with, with people who remind you of Satan and his minions himself. But I'm sure it isn't. :-)

Beware if you're considering it though, many colleagues within BBC Future Media are likely to be moving to Salford this year. Even if this specific job stays in London (as some parts of FM are going to), any true XP evangelist is going to get seriously hacked off at the dual-site setup that is going to be emerging - and the implied complete lack of co-location between coupled teams - if they want to really help change processes. As a Mancunian straying onto the London Ruby list, I shall remain mute on the advantages of everybody in BBC FM just moving to the gloriously beautiful North West! :-)

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